Updated October 2015

I make paintings that depict curious characters, often caught up in extraordinary situations.  Over the last ten years, my artistic career has also explored similar scenarios through performance, music, printmaking, drawing, writing and sculpture.  A childhood surrounded by books on art history and religious iconography has perhaps meant that realist painting remains particularly close to my creative preoccupations.

I enjoy painting's almost limitless ability to provide alternate realities, some thing that is only tempered by the counterfeit nature of that reality. This seems comparable to the inherent artifice that one finds in the realms of theatre and film that my work often draws inspiration from. I enjoy staging scenarios like a director and teasing out the narrative potential of a scene, with mood and atmospherics often preoccupying my decision-making.

In the spirit of magical-realist fiction, the conduit for my life experiences is an uncanny realm sitting somewhere between reality and fiction, horror and humour, fantasy and fact, beauty and ugliness.